Developing our Present to Brighten our Future

Maven Source International


We all need a bit of guidance to help us thrive in our changed world. 

Check out our Healing Programs & Services, Choose your Adventure and learn the Essential Elements of Life that lead you down your path to Fulfillment


Books, Blogs, Videos, and more to provide you with the context you need to take the next step. 


Our Organizational Development Consulting focuses on the Essential Elements that companies and individuals need to thrive in today's environment. Let us know how we can help you best succeed. 


We are passionate about helping both groups and individuals understand how to consistently function at their

highest and best.

  We specialize in the invisible to help companies achieve their vision 

    Change management, Project management, and Organizational culture: the invisible ingredients that keep companies functioning effectively. The necessary components for helping your company reach the next level of greatness. 

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