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Born from over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, Maven Source International, LLC is a company that strives to introduce the "invisible" to both companies and individuals in order to help them create a world in balance. 

The "invisible" means those "soft" components that we have ignored for so long: connection, synergy, culture - the concepts that are the missing gaps between a good company and a great one. 

These concepts are often overlooked as a nice to have, but we believe they are crucial to a company's longevity and overall success as they are often the glue that holds the group together along the tough journey to the top. 

We look forward to learning about your organization, and how best we can help you realize your vision and meet your goals. Schedule a consultation and find out more about what we have to offer. 

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Change comes more from managing the journey than announcing the destination

- William Bridges

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Jessica Hartsfield, PMP, MA

Founder and Lead Consultant

While Jessica has over 15 years of corporate experience in multiple industries, her greatest skills lie in understanding people. For years she studied groups both in the US and abroad to compile a template for how to create high-functioning teams able to consistently work at their highest and best. 

She quickly learned during her career that structures matter and teams need the best structure that fits their style and rhythm. One big piece of that is having a robust project management strategy so she studied and became proficient as a project manager professional (PMP). 

Next, while studying for her master's in Intercultural Relations she fell in love with the topic of change management. She vowed to become an expert in helping as many people as possible become comfortable with change and transition, achieving expertise in this subject, not only with her masters, but also by becoming a Change Management specialist. 

Her world travels have taken her to four different continents and in each, she has made it a priority to understand not only the cultural differences between the peoples of the Earth but more importantly, what connects us all. This research, plus her earlier studies helped her create her organizational culture program that helps teams better understand each other, themselves and how best they can reach their shared vision. 

Change, Culture, and Project management are her favorite topics to talk about - period. In her home life, you can often find her reading, painting, crafting, adventuring, theorizing or playing with her many farm animals. 

Learn more about Jessica's history here


Credentials & Specialities

  • Over 15 years of Corporate experience 

  • Over 9 years Project Management experience

    • 6 years PMP certified​

  • Change Management Specialist

  • Lean Six Sigma Professional

  • M.A. Intercultural Relations

  • B.B.A International Business

  • ISO certification project manager

  • Event Planner (Corporate & Non-profit)

  • Organizational Culture workshop facilitator & Guide

  • Executive & Corporate Coach

  • Non-profit & Start-up consulting

  • Onboarding & Training Strategy

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