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Maven Source International Components

Developing the Present to Brighten the Future


Maven Source Consulting

Maven Source Consulting specializes in the "invisible"  in order to help organizations & and individuals 'Find their Rhythm' in today's world. Focusing on connections, culture, resiliency & synergy help move organizations forward successfully & with purpose.

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Hartsfield's Haven

At Hartsfield Haven we focus on the whole – the whole body, the whole soul, and the whole globe. Come explore life’s transitions in a fun and insightful way and refresh yourself for the journey that may lie ahead. We offer retreats for groups or individual healing stays. 

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Essential Elements of Life

Uncover the “sticky points” all humans struggle with at some point in life. Learn how to navigate them successfully by studying the Essential Elements of Life & how to use them to manifest a beautiful life.

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Maven Source Publishing

Focused on bringing the message of the Essential Elements to the world, Maven Source Publishing strives to provide the best stories possible to help the world find their way. 

Building a PMO with Purpose

Understanding the Four Pillars of Success to create a PMO that excels

Building a Culture to weather any storm

A case study showing an example of our culture workshop process

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