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Upcoming Events 2022/2023 - Project Management Classes

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Maven Source International, LLC is pleased to present a fantastic new way to infuse your firm with project management techniques, best practices, and concepts starting May 2022. We have partnered with Samantha Mansfield, LLC to craft three project management classes that will be offered through CPA Crossings and will run from May 2022 through April 2023.


Each of our offerings focuses on how best to utilize project management concepts, theories, ideas and best practices within a firm's environment. While we have chosen to release our first classes with a focus on the accounting industry, our topics can easily be translated into multiple industries and can help project managers, program managers, sole practitioners and other groups looking for organizational assistance across the corporate spectrum.

Getting the Best Out of Your Team with Project Management Project Management: Best Practices, Principles, Mindset Onboarding: Apply Project Management Techniques


Samantha Mansfield

Owner and founder of Samantha Mansfield, LLC. She has over 20 years experience in the tax and accounting industry working with accounting firms of every size. As the accounting profession continues to evolve, Samantha focuses on building educational materials that develops skills and strategies for relevant and future ready advisory practices. She is driven and inspired by helping professionals have their "ah ha" moments, and make the most of their skills.

Jessica Hartsfield, PMP

Owner and Founder of Maven Source International, LLC (parent company of Maven Source Consulting) and Creator of the Essential Elements of Life™, Jessica has over 15 years of corporate experience and has been PMP certified since 2016. With Maven Source, Jessica focuses on helping organizations "Develop their Present to brighten their future" by consulting firms on how best to create strong cultures, streamline processes and effectively manage change.

Want more information? Click the links below or here for the entire catalog: CPE Webinars (

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